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Season 10: 4 NEW RARITIES

It’s been a long road to Season 10—approximately 10 years worth of road, in fact. We’ve been listening patiently through all the “are we there yet?”’s to get to this moment where we are, in fact, nearly there yet.

That’s right, in just a few days, we’ll all be swimming in the cool, refreshing waters of Season 10, splashing around through a redesigned and reimagined SuperCard complete with a new Player Level system, new Draft Board and Fusion Chamber features, and a brand new Campaign Mode and Forging system. That’s not all, though; we’ve got one more update for you before the fun begins. Let’s dive in.

FOUR, count ‘em, FOUR New Rarities

SuperCard veterans will remember Season launches of the past that included several new rarities– usually three. So, we started with three great new rarities and felt that it just wasn’t in the spirit of the grandeur of Season 10. No, we needed FOUR new rarities, so we set our sights just a bit higher.

As you may know, Season 10 will launch with eight active rarities. The first four you should already be familiar with: WrestleMania 39, Myth, SummerSlam ‘23, and Pantheon. The four new rarities we’re introducing are as follows:

  • Tempest: Turbulent storms from the highest peaks surround the mightiest WWE SuperStars as they appear in the ring.

Tempest Reveal
  • Detention: Troublemakers abound as your favorite Superstars get sent to detention after class.

Detention Reveal
  • Noir: It was a night just like any other night, WWE Superstars running amok in the city. It’s up to you to round ‘em all up.

Noir Reveal
  • Crucible: Forged in fire, only the strongest of the WWE come forth from the Crucible to join your collection.

Crucible Reveal

We’re introducing over 250 new cards in WWE SuperCard across these new rarities, including Superstars new and old, supports, equipment, managers, and train-up cards. We hope you’ll enjoy finding your new favorites and building a fresh Season 10 deck.

To celebrate, we’ll be kicking off Season 10 with a Mega Bundle giveaway, including a healthy selection of cards from each new rarity to get you right to the front of the pack. Keep your eyes on our socials as we approach the new season for more info.

Odds and Ends

When you open WWE SuperCard in Season 10, you’re going to notice a ton of changes. While we’ve done our best to detail all of the biggest ones, some tweaks and polish simply weren’t substantial enough for their own blog post. That’s why we’ve compiled them all here.

  • You will now be able to Dust cards from your inventory.

  • New card abilities. Some cards may have a stronger ability that triggers more rarely, for instance, while others might have a weaker ability that triggers more frequently.

  • Earning Matches and Fortifying your cards will grant a bigger stat bonus in Season 10.

  • Some card stats will be more varied and nuanced. Some cards may be very strong in certain stats while having notable weaknesses in others.

  • The amount of Dust needed to fill your Dust Meter will be based on your Player Rarity in Season 10.

  • No more blind training. You’ll be able to see how many levels a card will gain before you train it.

  • Card Training has been rebalanced so that lower rarity cards are easier to train than higher rarity cards.

And that’s it– all that’s left is to see it for yourself. Keep en eye on our socials and join our Discord Community to catch updates on when the game will be updated and live. Maintenance begins at 7am PT on Wednesday, November 15th, so be prepared.

There’s nothing left to say now besides Thank You, WWE SuperCard Players. We couldn’t have gotten to 10 glorious seasons without each and every one of you playing along. We hope that all of the changes we’ve made will make Season 10 the absolute best time to be playing WWE SuperCard.

See you in Season 10,

WWE SuperCard