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A Stylish Season 10

As we get closer to Season 10, we’re going to continue to roll out these informative updates so that you know exactly what to expect. If you haven’t caught the Season 10 Announcement or our overview on Player Level and the Stat Squish, we recommend you have a look.

In this update, we’re going over a few more of the features that have long been staples in the WWE SuperCard experience; the Draft Board and the Fusion Chamber. Not only are we making some long-requested tweaks, but we’re slapping a fresh coat of paint on the entire thing as well. Let’s take a look.

Rarity Pulls and Super Pulls

Collecting Draft Picks and pulling cards from the Draft Board is one of the main ways you can build your collection in WWE SuperCard. While pulling cards below your Rarity Level can be useful for training or accruing dust, there’s no denying that finding that elusive card of your rarity on the Draft Board is a thrilling experience that can change your deck if you snag the right one. While it sometimes feels like these high-rarity cards are distributed at random, there is a system that ensures  you don’t go too long without pulling one– you diligent players who’ve been calculating your pulls by hand know what we mean.

Well, time to paint over all the tick marks on your walls, because we’re making a change to the Draft Board that will make it abundantly clear when you’re about to pull a card of your rarity, and it’s called the Rarity Pull counter. While the Draft Board will technically function the same, there will now be a counter at the bottom of your Draft Board that will keep track of how many times you’ve reset the board since the last time you pulled a card of your rarity,  as well as the maximum number of resets it will take to pull your next one. While you still may get lucky and pull a card of your rarity sooner than the maximum number of resets, you’ll now have a better idea of when your next guaranteed pull is coming. Once you hit the requisite number of resets, your entire Draft Board will begin to glow with energy, and that means your next reset card will absolutely be of your rarity. We’re hoping that this change, coupled with other Season 10 adjustments, will help take some of the guesswork out of how you build your deck and will allow you to prioritize your next best move.

In addition to the Rarity Pull, we’re implementing a new Draft Board event designed to keep you on your toes: the Super Pull. The Super Pull is a rare event that isn’t impacted by your other activity on the Draft Board; meaning there’s no counter or calculation to estimate when your next one is coming, it’s just up to fate. When triggering a Super Pull, you’ll be shown three cards. While none of them are anything to scoff at, only one will be a card of your rarity. With some luck, you’ll walk away with a powerful new card of your rarity, but you should take home something useful either way. Super Pulls are rare events, but we’re hoping it’ll provide a nice extra touch of thrill when running through your draft pulls.

A New Kind of Fusion

Fusion cards and events have been a staple of WWE SuperCard for a while, and have given rise to plenty of powerful and interesting cards over the years. As Fusions went on, however, they grew more complicated. What began as a feature designed to help you repurpose old cards into something new and meaningful became a set of barriers to clear for a new card that may or may not be useful in your deck. If you’ve been paying attention, then you may begin to sense a theme here, but we’re sanding off the edges and rethinking the Fusion Chamber from the ground up to make it a clearer, less random, more goal-oriented experience. There are two main changes we’re making to the Fusion system: Condensing the number of Chambers, and adding Fusion Tokens.

Instead of a bespoke “Chamber” for each non-legacy rarity in the game plus any relevant in-game events, we’re whittling down the previous Fusion Chambers to only six Chambers. The first three chambers, or the Rarity Chambers, will grow more powerful as your Player Level increases, and will always generate cards based on your Rarity Level. Depending on the Fusion Tokens you use, these chambers will generate cards one below your rarity, matching your rarity, or one above your rarity.

The fourth Chamber, the Legacy Chamber, is based on lower-rarity and Legacy cards in case you’d like to complete your collection of pre-existing Fusion cards. A large selection of previous rarities that are not available in the first three chambers will be available via fusion here.

Finally, the last two Fusion Chambers, the Promo Chambers, will be based on in-game Fusion Events and will function similarly to how you’re used to currently. Depending on which events are active, these chambers will be used to generate relevant cards and may contain different versions per Fusion event. Think Halloween, Spring, or Holiday fusions as an example.

So, if simplifying where you do Fusions is half of the equation, the other half comes in how. Previously, generating cards of specific rarities required a Fusion Card from the rarity below that one, as well as many as 7 other cards in order to reach the required number of points. If the cards you added up didn’t meet the point total, you’d need to swap them out for more powerful ones to complete the fusion. In Season 10, we’re doing away with this system in favor of Fusion Tokens.

We’re adding five types of Fusion Tokens as a baseline; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Collection, and Treasure Tokens. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tokens will be usable in the Rarity Chambers, and can be used to fuse cards as follows:

  • Bronze Tokens = 1 rarity below your Rarity Level

  • Silver Tokens = Matching your Rarity Level

  • Gold Tokens = 1 rarity above your Rarity Level

Collection Tokens, on the other hand, will be used for generating Legacy cards. You’ll be able to choose which rarity you’d like to generate a card from, with varying costs for each.

While Promo fusions will vary much like they do now, they, too, will behave like the rarity-based fusions in that they will no longer require you to sacrifice cards to meet point totals. Instead, you will need to collect Treasure Tokens or other specified Collectibles based on each respective event.

Different fusions cost different amounts of tokens, and you’ll be able to find Fusion Tokens in all the places you’d expect– the Draft Board, Events, Rewards, the Store, and other rotating opportunities, though some will be rarer than others.

We hope the overall simplification of the Fusion Chamber allows it to become a more prominent part of your strategy as you collect tokens and weigh your Fusion opportunities.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Plenty has changed in the last 10 years. Remember jorts and flat-hop haircuts?

The point is, it’s time for a WWE SuperCard makeover and we can’t think of a better time than Season 10 to freshen things up a little bit. In Season 10, we’re looking to create a SuperCard experience that is smoother and less box-oriented. We want to modernize the game’s more complicated elements and shave off the edges to help you to get where you’re going quickly and clearly.

Specifically, we’ve cleaned up the main menu to highlight weekly events and big moments in the game while making room for a few new elements along the way.

BlogAsset redesignedUIelements 1920x1080

We’ve also taken a crack at how you view your collection in the MyCards view. We’ve embiggened the cards within MyCards so that you can now bask in the glory of the full portraits of all of your Superstar cards, rather than just their headshots. You can even see pro animations from the new view!

Of course, if you’re a fan of the smaller-card classic view, you can toggle back to that any time. Up to you.

Finally, to finish off the Fusion Chamber overhaul, we’re giving it an all-new look complete with flashy new animations to really give your new Fusions more of a pop as they emerge from the chamber.

In summary, we’re committed to keeping WWE SuperCard pretty, ‘cause it’s not going anywhere.

“You can be a Hotdog”

One last thing. We realize that you’re a very creative and expressive bunch, and we haven’t given you the tools to really let your personalities shine in WWE SuperCard. So, in addition to being able to set your in-game profile pic as any Champ that you’ve collected, you will soon be able to choose from an ever-growing set of Player Avatars.

20231023 player avatars

Player Avatars will be unlockable in a similar way to how Attitudes or Cardbacks are now, and you’ll come across new and unique ones as you continue to play and unlock other things in-game through promos, quests, and other opportunities. We hope that you’ll be able to find that special avatar that reflects just how you feel as a WWE SuperCard player. Of course, you can still stick to Champs portraits as your profile pic if it suits you.

And that’s another Season 10 blog in the books! We’re getting closer to Season 10 every day, and we’re so ready to jump into the future of the game with you.

Talk to you soon,

WWE SuperCard.