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WWE SuperCard Season 10 is on the horizon, and as we stated in our previous announcement, we’re looking forward to implementing some changes that have been in the making for a long time.

Today, we want to detail a few of the ways that we’re changing some core features of WWE SuperCard – changes that impact how cards interact with one another and how you progress in the game.

Dev Note: At some point in the last decade, we all started using the terms “Rarity” and “Tier” interchangeably, and that’s not exactly 100% accurate. Technically, your “Tier” would refer to how far you’ve progressed through a Rarity, such as Arcane + or Arcane ++. As you’re about to find out, we’re removing that system in favor of Player Levels, meaning that “Tiers” no longer exist. It’s just Rarity now. Your deck will have a rarity, your cards will have a rarity, and your Player Level will determine the rarity that you, the player, are in. No more tiers. Rarity, rarity, rarity.

Getting on Your Level

Since August 2014, the cards we’ve released have worked in a system of tiers and rarities. Put simply, the game would generate your Top 8 Rarity based on the rarity and stats of the eight most powerful cards in your deck, or your “Top 8”. Previously, your Player Rarity would dictate several things ranging from the number of cards you can hold to the features you can access to – of course – the rarity of the cards rewarded in the Draft Board, certain packs, and elsewhere in the game. In short, the higher your rarity, the more rare and powerful cards you could collect, and the more rare and powerful your Top 8 cards, the higher your rarity. This means that, previously, cards added to your collection that were not in your Top 8 did not help you progress toward your next rarity.

With the new Player Level system, we intend to make collecting and playing more valuable more often. Our ambition is to make progression more predictable, to get rid of Classical(™) frustrations or confusion points, and to make general play and goal setting more of a factor in your progression.

Here’s how it works.

  • Your most powerful cards no longer determine your Rarity Level. Instead, that is determined by Player Level. For instance, a Level 1 Player would have a Rarity Level of SummerSlam ‘23, while a Level 7 Player would have a Rarity Level of Pantheon. Each level increase also includes various rewards. Additionally, you’ll be able to track your progress all in one place, as Ladder and Achievements will be folded into the leveling system to make progression more streamlined.

  • What about + and ++ Tiers? We're glad you asked. Player Level is taking the role of "+ and ++" tiers of rarities, meaning that you'll experience the same benefits of advancing from + to ++, including pulling more powerful cards from the Draft Board, except now it will be represented by your Player Level. Using the previous example, if you are in SummerSlam '23 Rarity and you're at level 6 (Pantheon Rarity unlocks at level 7), it would function just like if you were ++ tier in SummerSlam Rarity. Got it?

  • Earning XP will increase your Player Level. You’ll earn XP as you collect cards in-game via draft picks, packs, and rewards from various game modes. In short, the more you play and collect, the more XP you’ll accrue. In Season 10, every new card advances you toward the next rarity. In addition to that, collecting cards above your rarity will grant higher levels of XP. This should result in a faster and more efficient progression experience.

  • Because the strength of your Top 8 cards no longer determines your rarity, it also no longer determines the rewards you’ll receive from certain packs and the Draft Board. Those will be determined by your Rarity Level (based on your Player Level) as well. Using the same example as before, a Level 7 Player would begin pulling Pantheon cards, while the Level 1 player would still be pulling SummerSlam ‘23 Cards as their top rarity. This does not mean you cannot collect cards above your rarity in the store or as rewards in Quests, Events, or the places where you can go beyond your rarity in Season 9.

  • In addition to your Rarity Level, you will also have individual Deck Rarities. For each of your decks, the Deck Rarity is determined by the strength of the cards in it. As before, the strength of your deck controls matchmaking in certain modes such as WILD, but your Player Rarity no longer impacts matchmaking in any way. In short, everything that used to be based off of your Top 8 is now based off your Player Rarity.

  • To ensure that you start where you left off, players will be given XP to match their previous standing in Season 9. If you left off in Pantheon Rarity, you’ll start with enough XP to land in the exact same spot.

The Old Way of doing Player "Tier", while very familiar to those of us who have been playing for a long time, simply hasn’t been a great expression of total play and we have noted other frustration points like, say, getting stuck on the cusp of the next rarity without good ways to move beyond it without getting very crafty. Player Level and Rarity Level in Season 10 is a response to this – it opens up new possibilities for advancing and progressing.

Squish Those Stats

Over the course of ten years, cards have gotten a little bit more … number-y. In Season 1, a card could have a PWR stat of 12. Now, a fully pro’d Season 9 card might have a PWR stat of 231,459,392. We love a super powerful, hundred-millionaire card as much as the next person, but one of those two numbers is a little bit easier to read. If you’re in the middle of a game with the clock ticking down and you’ve got four cards in front of you, each with four different nine-figure stats, you’ve gotta be doing some quick maths to make the right decision.

In Season 10, we’re turning the clock back to a simpler time. Card stats will now be condensed, or squished, to be more legible when you’re in the heat of battle. Matches will no longer be won and lost by a matter of tens of thousands, allowing you to make quicker, smarter decisions.

statsquish S10

Previously held cards from Season 9 and prior won’t lose all their might, however, they’ll simply be simplified to match the new triple-digit status-quo. If your perfect pro F1 Seth Rollins had a power stat of 235M before, it’ll now be adjusted to 235, rounding up or down depending on the stat, and it’ll still be just as relevant to your deck.

Legacy cards will also be squished on a sliding scale based on their original stats. This means that they won’t magically be meta-relevant again, but they won't have stats that are less than “1”, either.

We hope that this change will make playing WWESC feel more action-packed, so you can put away the calculator and get your head in the game.

It’s Your Legacy

As leaves fall and give way to Winter, as a snowman wilts under the first sunrise of Spring, so, too, must the seasons change in WWE SuperCard. And as the seasons change, a passing of the torch is initiated to invite a new set of card rarities into legacy, where they can remain in perpetuity as collectible baubles, reminding us fondly of the past.

Anyway, In Season 9, we’ve been operating with 24 rarities of cards in active distribution. While it’s often fun to reminisce, we realized that collecting a card 20 rarities below your own just isn’t relevant. So, we’re reducing the number of active rarities in the game to eight to start off Season 10. That will include WrestleMania39, Myth, SummerSlam ‘23, Pantheon, and four new rarities yet to be revealed. We’ll continue to release new rarities as Season 10 rolls on, but our aim is to make more of your draft pulls and rewards useful in more ways, so you don’t need to spend as much time pulling and dusting to get useful cards. All 63 rarities under WM39 will be added to legacy, if they weren’t there already.

We’ll be opening up the vault once more in November to allow you one more shot at completing your Season 9 collection before these cards begin to rotate into legacy, so keep an eye on our socials for your chance to grab those.

These changes are just another part of our aim to make this the best time ever to be playing WWE SuperCard. We hope you’re looking forward to season 10 as much as we are.

Talk Soon,

WWE SuperCard