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Since announcing Season 10, we’ve covered the new Player Level system and how we’re squishing card stats, the new Rarity Pull and Super Pull systems and the new Fusion Chamber, and more. In this post, we’re finally ready to unveil what we think will be two of the most impactful and meaningful changes of Season 10. Ready?

Increasing goal setting is an important ambition of Season 10; we want a version of the game where you always have something to aim for, no matter how much time you have to play. Whether you’re after a specific Pro version of your favorite Superstar or you’re looking to buff up your deck to beat a weekly event, we want you to always be able to chase your SuperCard dreams. We mentioned previously that each card you collect will grant you XP, advancing you toward your next Player Level. While this is a key way that we’re adding benchmarks in Season 10, we’re doubling down on the concept of personal player progression with…

Campaign Mode

Campaign Mode is an always-on, single-player experience that pits you against a track of opponents that gradually increase in difficulty and intensity. As you progress through Campaign mode, you’ll need to come up with crafty solutions to beat different challenges presented to you along the way.

Campaign Mode is structured in a system of Stages, Bosses, and Maps. As you enter your Campaign, you’ll begin in the Rookie Map. Rookie is the first of three maps– those being Rookie, Amateur, and Pro. In each map you’ll encounter 12 Bosses, and 84 total Stages. As you complete each stage or boss, you’ll collect anywhere from 1-3 Stars, depending on your performance in the ring. You don’t need to play each stage perfectly to progress to the next one, but you will need to collect all of the available stars in a map to progress to the next map. This means that to advance, it may be more valuable for you to chase perfect matches than to simply win as many as possible.

Campaign works off of a variant of WILD Mode, presenting a straightforward but ever-varying challenge in each new stage. Every seven Stages, you’ll encounter a new boss that’ll turn up the heat a little bit from that point onward. You’ll probably breeze through the first handful of stages quite easily if you’ve been with us for a while, and, depending on your deck, you might even trounce the first boss without an issue. Campaign does not scale with your Player Rarity or your Deck Rarity, and there are no bonuses or boosts to help you out, so once the difficulty gets too steep, it’s up to you and you alone to figure out how to conquer your newest challenge.

Campaign Asset

It may not just be a raw numbers game either; certain Campaign stages will fight back with unique cards that will require you to get creative with the cards that you play and how you play them. For instance, some Campaign stages may mandate that you can only use cards with certain alignments, or they may only consider certain stats in your matches. While the challenges that you’ll face in campaign mode will scale in difficulty, so, too, will the rewards. Specifically, Campaign will be the best way to collect Forging Crystals, but you’ll also pick up the odd Superstar, Equipment, or Support card along the way that might be just what you need to keep going.

We expect that Campaign will offer new and interesting challenges to both new players and veterans that will give more purpose and direction to your collecting; it may even require that you collect very specific cards to progress. To help you call your shots and collect those specific cards, we’re bringing a long-requested new feature to SuperCard Season 10…

Card Forging

Dev Note: We’ve named the Crafting system “Forging” to give it some creative oomph.

Card Forging is a system through which you can generate, or Forge, cards matching and below your Player Rarity using Forging Crystals. Our aim with Forging is to double down on your ability to make deliberate and intentional decisions when building your deck. Here’s how it works:

From your Card Catalog, you’ll be able to activate a Forge toggle. Once selected, you’ll be shown a list of all of the Forgable cards in each respective rarity. You’ll then be able to select which card you’d like to Forge. If you’ve got the proper ingredients, you’ll be able to Forge a copy of the card immediately; no waiting required. While you can’t Forge Special Edition, Limited Edition, Fusion or Event cards, all base cards from each non-legacy rarity will be Forgable.

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Finding the right ingredients will be crucial to forging specific cards for your collection; specifically, you’ll be looking for Forging Crystals and SuperCoins. If the card that you’re looking to forge is well below your Player Rarity, you may only need SuperCoins and/or a handful of Forging Crystals to get the job done. As you get closer to forging cards of your Player Rarity, the costs will increase. All cards of the same rarity will carry the same forging cost unless you already have a copy of the card.

When forging your 2nd version of a card, you’ll need a little extra to help you build a pro. Pro Forging Crystals are rarer versions of the regular Forging Crystals, and will be distributed a bit more selectively. Still, saving up your Pro Forging Crystals for the right opportunity could really help you through a jam. When crafting additional versions of a card, you’ll need the original cost of the forge, as well as a Pro Forging Crystal to make it happen, so use them wisely.

As we previously mentioned, playing and progressing in Campaign Mode is the most reliable way to find Forging Crystals – most stages will drop regular Forging Crystals, and each boss stage will drop a Pro Forging Crystal.

We have built Campaign Mode and Forging to go hand-in-hand with one another. Once you’ve progressed a bit in Campaign Mode, you should have a handy stash of Forging Crystals stocked up for when you get stuck. Once that happens, think it through and forge the cards that’ll get you unstuck. Keep moving through Campaign Mode, keep collecting Forging Crystals, keep movin’ forward.

We’re not far from Season 10 now. Are you ready?

–WWE SuperCard