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A New Spin on an Old Classic

It’s been a month of big names in WWE SuperCard. CM Punk led the way with a bombastic return, Kairi Sane followed shortly after, and now the two Hogans bring up the rear with the rest of the Royal Rumble ‘24 crew close behind. We’re aiming to keep the energy high with an exciting set of new (and returning!) additions to WWE SuperCard. Let’s take a look.

People’s Champion Challenge

SuperCard veterans will know too well the ins and outs of what’s commonly called PCC in the community. Heck, we’d be silly if we didn’t acknowledge the calls of the many players taking to socials to decree all in unison: BRING BACK PCC! We thought that was a pretty good idea.

People’s Champion Challenge is a ranked event in which you’ll align yourself with one of two Superstars at the start of the event, similar to Clash of Champions. Choosing your Champion will set you on a track that will determine your rewards for the event, so weigh your options and choose carefully. Your goal is to play your way to the top of your Champion’s leaderboard.

Once you’ve picked a side, you’ll be faced with three opponents, each offering different amounts of points for a win against them. As you can imagine, the higher-reward opponents will provide a more… challenging challenge, if you will.

So now you’ve picked your Champion and your opponent is set. The lights come up in the ring, and things should begin to look familiar. Four of your cards are dealt, and you’re going head-to-head for three rounds—no holds barred, best stats win. Come out the victor, and you’re adding some points to your score, increasing your rank on the leaderboard.

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You likely know that with ranked events, the higher your rank on the leaderboard, the better rewards you walk away from the event with, and that remains true. However, we’ve also sprinkled rewards throughout the event for playing, winning, and so on, in case chasing the top spot isn’t your thing.

All that and a fresh coat of paint to celebrate the return of a much-missed game mode. PCC is BACK! Look for it coming shortly after the update.

The Campaign Continues

New year, new you, new Campaign changes. In this update, we’re looking to add more to the campaign experience while making the previous features a little smoother. Upon booting up Campaign after the update tomorrow (1/31), you’ll be treated to a new layer of detail and visual polish not previously seen in the mode. Of course, that’s just the beginning. Refreshed and emboldened by the virtual trees and staggering scenery, you’ll begin to notice that we added two new maps to Campaign, meaningfully extending your journey to the end of your SuperCard Campaign experience. In each of these new maps, your rewards will be bolstered. You’ll earn more crafting crystals for a three-star performance, as well as more Supercoins for meeting milestones with your team.

Finally, we’ve adjusted the difficulty to accommodate a five-map Campaign rather than three. This means that the first few maps should see a noticeable drop in difficulty and that the curve should be a bit more gradual overall. We can’t promise you’ll be breezing through the whole thing, but you shouldn’t hit as many brick walls right away. So, if a certain boss has been giving you the business, now you can jump back in and settle the score. Or, if you’re jumping in for the first time, you’ll be able to battle your way through 5 full maps of gradually increasing difficulty. That’s a lot of Campaign!

Adrenaline, In My Soul

Much like Cody’s heart-pounding win at Royal Rumble, we’re looking forward to a February full of twists and exciting reveals. You’ve got a nice set of Valentine’s cards to look forward to, as well as a handful of illustrated SE’s from everyone’s favorite scholarly miscreants, Alpha Academy on the way as well.

Finally, we’re taking your suggestions to heart and reducing the timers in TLC to get you moving through more games more quickly. Specifically, we’ve reduced the between-rounds timer from 24 hours to 12, and the bout-refresh timer from 4 hours to 2. Let us know how you like it when TLC rolls around next.

That’s all for now.

–WWE SuperCard