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Steiner 3-card chainmail

New Year, New Tier?

Something Royal approacheth.

SuperCard in 2023 kicked off with a celebration of 30 years of WWE programming. As we look towards our own 10th anniversary as a video game for telephones (and more), we're focusing development resources on two big features that you'll begin experiencing here in the near future. One of these features is SuperCard's Battle Pass, which we plan to get into your hands before WrestleMania. The other is a rebuilt UI and UX for WILD mode. This new look for WILD is an important first step of a larger project to make many parts of the game not only look cleaner, but provide you with more clarity as you play. To be a smidge more specific for the WILD part of this, we're hoping to shorten downtime in matches, make card choices more intuitive, and, yes, freshen up the visuals. The Battle Pass, on the other hand, will be a monthly way to earn content in the game. Check back in with us for more info on the Battle Pass as we get closer to its launch. While we've got those items in development, we've got some cool stuff going on in-between. The rest of January will welcome a new tier celebrating this year's Royal Rumble, we’ll unleash a new round of Atomic Drops, and we're also saying hello to Scott Steiner. Yes, Big Poppa Pump is finally making his WWE SuperCard debut. Holla if you hear us.

The WWE Champion’s Atomic Drop

Atomic Drop returns on Jan 25 with some key tweaks. First and foremost, there will only be one Atomic token to collect as opposed to three separate tokens. We hope this streamlines the token accumulation process and increases playability because you know, SuperCard as a hobby ‘n such. The mechanical differences between the three Atomic Drop boards will also be much more varied. We believe this will crank up the Fun Factor in general. The Atomic Drop loop won't be changing. Like the last time, you'll earn a unique collectible from each Atomic board. Earn and exchange collectibles (or a combination thereof) for enticing rewards in the Collectible Store. Maybe exchange them for something like, oh we don’t know, the first ever WWE SuperCard Champion: Scott Steiner. You will also note that the Atomic boards have been reimagined in a certain Steiner-esque motif. *bicep kiss*

Royal Rumble 23

Stop us if you've heard this one: we'll be welcoming a new set of cards this Jan 18 featuring Superstars from the past and present. Royal Rumble '23 tier is an explosive one with a fun traditional playing card twist. Expect to see the following from the tier when it launches after a short maintenance break:

  • Alexa Bliss

  • Batista

  • Bobby Lashley

  • Charlotte Flair

  • Edge

  • Karrion Kross

  • Liv Morgan

  • Shinsuke Nakamura

And More

Some housekeeping. Starting January 28th at 12pm PST, the weekend of the 28th will be a 2x SuperCoin weekend. Earn double SuperCoins in Men and Women’s Royal until 12PM on the 30th. Watch Party is also returning for the Royal Rumble 23 PLE. Pick who you think will win the big dance in addition to other matches on the card. It's been a lot of fun to see your picks and all the engagement in chat in prior Watch Parties. We'll see you there, for sure.

– WWE SuperCard