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The holidays are upon us. Grab your favorite SuperCard device (or devices) and join us in a weird multi-week celebration that only this video game would do.

Starting on Dec 7 at 12PM Pacific, we’ll be launching a new collection of holiday cards across our three new tiers. Later in the same day, we’ll also be inviting all of you to a fusion and collectibles activity that provides tangible proof that yetis are, in fact, real.

Happy Holi-questline-day

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, a time of friends, family… and furious tapping. To kick the winter season off, we are adding a new collection of holiday cards across our three new Season 8 tiers: Mire, Maelstrom, Valhalla.

Each new card features a festive re-imagination of its tier’s art direction, along with the visceral bonus of probably making you feel like you just drank a cup of warm cocoa. Unwrap Superstars like The Miz, Alexa Bliss, Kevin Owens and more. We’ve got 18 total holiday-themed cards this year.

There are a few ways to collect these cards. Foremost, they’ll be available from the draft board for those in Mire tier and above. They’ll also be featured in themed packs in the store as well as quests.

Yeti Season

In our spare time, we like to dabble in amateur cryptozoology and with it being winter and all, an idea suddenly came to us: yeti season.

Join us for the Arctic Expedition fusion and collectible event, starting Dec 7. This activity will task you with finding collectibles that were left behind from previous expeditions that may or may not solve one of life’s biggest mysteries.

Collect Snow Gear, Yeti Maps, and Photos (blurry, of course) across the game and then drop them into the fusion chamber to create an elusive Yeti Tooth. Then, you can exchange Yeti Tooths (Yeti Teeth?) in the Collectibles Store for Holiday packs or Yeti-themed cards featuring Drew McIntyre and Charlotte Flair.

For helping us prove that big feet aren't limited to the woods, the top reward for one of our questlines is a guaranteed Holiday card of your current tier along with our special yeti cardback. So pack your decks as we spend the next few weeks proving to our friends and family that we aren’t crazy.