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What to Expect in Season 10

We're excited to start sharing a look at what's ahead in the biggest Season of SuperCard to date. Our ambition with Season 10 is to continue delivering incredible content for our dedicated community and create a space in time where it's clear that there's never been a better moment to pick up, play, and be competitive in SuperCard.

Season 10 of SuperCard launches this November with a host of new features built around WWESC players. We're introducing fresh ways to play, new ways to acquire cards and increase your rank, an updated look and feel, and more player customization. We're also turning back the clock to a simpler time, raising the starting tier to Wrestlemania 39 tier and squashing stats so they become more readable during your match-ups.

In Season 10, we’re looking to make your ability to collect and compete more meaningful, which has motivated several of the new features soon to roll out including Campaign Mode. Campaign mode is a multi-stage and multi-difficulty mode that offers unique strategy and meta challenges to conquer as you progress along a path; providing a scaling single-player experience that’s available to you at all times. Campaign mode offers three distinct difficulty levels and replayability, as well as the ability to see where you stand against your friends and the community.

Paired with Campaign mode is a new Crafting system accessible in the Season 10 card catalog. Crafting will allow you to create base-tier cards; a feature completely new to SuperCard. Crafting aims to help you to Pro cards, complete your collection, or beat a particularly tricky Campaign level with precision. Crafting ingredients are available in select Campaign levels as well as scattered throughout the game. When you've gathered enough ingredients, Crafting will allow you to target specific cards for creation, adding a new strategic layer to the game.

Season 10's feature set includes many other notable new items:

  • Four New Tiers - S10 is just bigger than the others, so we landed on four new tiers at launch. Combined with the increased rotation of older tiers into Legacy, this creates a starting set of eight tiers. Just like the old times.

  • Player Level System - While you'll still be able to progress just like you can in the game today, S10 introduces a new leveling system that rewards you more often, allowing you to progress toward your next tier by battling in select modes, clearing the draft board, opening packs, and more.

  • Guaranteed Pull Meter - We're visualizing when your next guaranteed pull is coming to allow for better goal setting. You'll always know when your next best card is coming.

  • SuperPull - A new and rare event on the draft board that has the potential to offer you a card of your tier. It's something to spice up one of our favorite parts of the game.

  • Redesigned Fusion Chamber - More goal-oriented acquisition with a greatly simplified Fusion Chamber and a new Token system to start new Fusions.

  • Redesigned Main Menu - Fuller pictures, fewer distractions, easier on the eyes. The new Main Menu allows you to glide through to your favorite content efficiently.

  • Player Avatars - Project more of who you are with an updated assortment of images beyond Superstars. You can be a hotdog.

  • Full MyCards View - Embiggen your cards to see the whole picture in this new togglable MyCards view.

Finally, we want you to be a part of the Season 10 launch. That’s why we’ll be letting you decide one of the first event cards of the Season. Join us in Discord on 10/18 from 11am PT to 4pm PT to join the poll.

We'll be highlighting these Season 10 features as we journey to Season 10 launch. Whether you’re playing right now or plan to join tomorrow, we welcome you to celebrate a decade of SuperCard with us in Season 10. Until next time.

-- WWE SuperCard