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The Exclusive Draft Board is an incredible vehicle to build up your collection and to gain meaningful progress towards your goals. Whether you’re a competitor, a solo specialist, a generalist, or all of the above, the Exclusive Draft Board is a vital tool for progression. After all, every 16 Exclusive Draft Picks guarantees a card of your tier.

The catch right now is that the Exclusive Draft Board isn’t permeating every part of SuperCard. You can only get there from Dusting and from the odd QR code or pack every now and again. We also feel like the name is kinda confusing. It’s on the nose, but it’s not really on the nose. What does it mean? What makes it exclusive? How do I get there? Do I need a pass?

These are things we’re addressing in Season 9 in the near term and the long term. This December, Exclusive Draft Picks will become a much more consistent reward across many of our modes and events. Doing this makes sure you can more reliably earn them or orient yourself towards them if you so choose.

You’ll be able to earn Exclusive Draft Picks at the following places by Dec 6th:

  • All Ranked Events (Giants Unleashed, Clash of Champions, LMS, etc.)

    • We’re looking into RTG and Ring Domination later in 2023.

  • All Limited Time Modes (24/7 Champion, Tag Team Takedown, TLC)

  • Some Modes (Survivor [+1 more than last Season], King of the Ring)

  • Select Packs and Rewards (check pack info)

The Survivor change with EDPs went live already at Season 9 launch without some of the supporting changes listed above. So starting now and until December 6th, we’re rolling back Survivor rewards changes to how they were in Season 8. We hear you and hope that this additional context, and additional rewards, are satisfying.

In the longer term, in 2023, we’ll be changing the name of the Exclusive Draft Board and Exclusive Draft Picks to the Rarity Draft Board and Rarity Picks. We’re hoping this will better signify, from the first time that you encounter it, the intent of what this feature is and how it has the potential to inform overall progress.

In 2023 this name change will be accompanied by visual and signposting updates to better reinforce what the Rarity Draft Board and Rarity Picks are all about. More on as we get closer.

Until next time.

– WWE SuperCard