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March is the month in which everyone here at SuperCard HQ figuratively points at the WrestleMania sign and we kick off our own in-game Road to WrestleMania.

We’ve got a cool slate of features and activities coming your way. We’ve got a new fusion event where you can earn two special edition cards and we’ll also be debuting a brand new mode and an entirely new tier.


Before we jump into details, we did want to take a second to talk about the state of the game and acknowledge your feedback.

One of the running themes we’ve noticed is pain involving the card cap. We get it. SuperCard has grown and evolved a lot since the initial cap system was designed, and the current cap system isn’t getting the job done.

Solving issues with the cap system is complicated because new players struggle with the cap, too. The reason? There’s simply too much cap space. This sounds weird because it’s the inverse of what typically drives frustration, but having too much space can create situations where newcomers feel like they don’t need to make the decision to level up their cards. Inventory management is not a widely touted feature of SuperCard (heh), but it is an important one – combing through your cards, leveling up your best ones, and making decisions for your overall deck is what drives your ability to progressively compete in tougher events and reach new tiers.

So, we’re making changes to the card cap for both you and new players. In late March alongside an app update, we’ll be debuting a new progressive cap system where you’ll earn space based on Top 8 progression. In general: the higher you go in tiers, the more cap space you’ll receive.

In the first incarnation of this system, releasing alongside an app update later this month, all current players will see a +50 cap increase. This makes the new max cap 450 regardless of your tier. As new content releases, we’ll continue evaluating the card cap and make necessary adjustments.

It’s important to note that newcomers will start with a smaller card cap than what is currently available right now. But as our new friends progress through tiers, more cap space will be unlocked until they hit the current max cap (450).

One other thing: You want to climb in the game higher more efficiently, so we’ll be updating our guaranteed pull mechanics so you’ll get cards of your tier faster. This will happen on March 9 alongside the release of a new tier. Reset your counters!

Now … back to the Road.


A special 3-ish week fusion event kicks off starting this Mar 10 as part of our own celebration of the show of shows. During this event, you’ll be able to earn special edition cards of two Superstars with incredible WrestleMania moments.

You know the drill with this already — collect special ingredients, drop them into the Chamber, and obtain Collectibles that you can take to the Collectibles store.  For this event, you’ll be collecting vehicle stuff. Because, you know, you’re hitting the road to WrestleMania. Ha!

We’re upping the ante by pairing this with a few other notable activities:

  • Two collection sets! We’ll be debuting two sets that require three cards each. The first can be built from ingredients from the draft board. The second will require ingredients from the Fusion Chamber. Synergy!

  • Two quests! One week after the fusion event kicks off, a special Quest will, too. Knock this out for special rewards. Another quest hits on Mar 26.

In addition to a fusion event, an entirely new tier is very much on the horizon. Road to WrestleMania tier and its cowboy-vibes debut on March 9. WrestleMania is all about big surprises, so we thought we’d toss out a big one.

Roman Reigns MITB Takeover

Acknowledge him! SuperCard ambassador Roman Reigns is taking over Money in the Bank mode for a limited time later this March. While this is active, MITB will be offering additional rewards for climbing to the top of the ladder and taking down the briefcase.

The twist? Outside of special theming, you’ll have the opportunity to face off against Roman more often and you’ll be rewarded with extra SuperCoins than normal for defeating him.


It ain’t easy being king, we hear. You’ll get the chance to prove that or not in 24/7 Champion mode, which is coming later this month in an app update.

24/7 Champion is a new time-limited rotating mode (think RewardMania or Chart Topper as examples of modes like this) that challenges you with becoming a 24/7 Champion and, more importantly, holding onto the title.

When the mode is active and after you enter, you’ll be able to start a match for the championship. If you win, you’ll earn the title and start a new championship reign. At random times, you’ll be challenged by CPU opponents and you’ll be given a timer to answer that challenge or risk losing the title.

Winning the championship has perks. As champion, you’ll earn rewards for each opponent you beat. These rewards (which are cards, btw) get stronger as you win matches and create streaks.

You can be challenged while offline or online, which is something that we will be listening to your feedback about. Importantly, challenges operate on cooldowns and that should help you plan your road to continued 24/7 Champion success.

We’re looking forward to the havoc this mode causes, as we all scramble to earn the title.


Well, the Road is just the start of our celebration of the shows of shows. We’ll have more cards to share with you, of course, and some new activities. We’ll also have a new event that features tag teams.

Until next time.

– SuperCard