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After the Season 8 launch, we look forward.

A Beast takes over SuperCard this January. We will celebrate an incomparable career and athlete via a variety of in-game activities, culminating in the ultimate reward: CARDS. A certain rumble will be felt later in the month, too, as a new tier emerges and gives Valhalla something to worry about.

This is just the start of a pyrotechnic season we hope you enjoy. Expect more features and events as we get deeper into the season, including the return of SuperPass, new events and of course, new cards. We’re increasing the CAP on action this year, so buckle up.

But for now, let’s keep talking about January.

Season of the Beast

We’re starting the year right by honoring the world’s most intimidating ponytail (topknot?) in an event we call “The Season of the Beast”.

Starting Jan 4, we’ll be adding packs and a quest themed around ‘The Beast’ Brock Lesnar. The top reward? A bespoke Lesnar Valhalla card featuring fire and metal and basically all the things we love about The Beast.

On Jan 18, a new Lesnar Remastered card will be released and available as the top Fusion Chamber reward. A remastered token will be added to the draft board and used in the chamber, with Brock’s card being one of the potential fusions. This card is very special to us in a lot of different ways, as only one person in the world has ever had the original card in their deck.

Royal Rumble ‘22

You knew it was coming, but we’re still going to act like this is a surprise. A new Royal Rumble tier arrives starting January 24th. There is a realm above Valhalla and apparently it’s full of flying silhouette bodies.

Royal Rumble ‘22 features a stacked roster of Superstars featuring Kofi Kingston, Xia Li, and Becky Lynch!.

Batista’s Birthday


The birthday pack drops January 18th.

Twitch Drops 4

You all wanted more Twitch streamers, you all wanted bigger drops! So you know we had to do it to em with another Twitch Drops! Keep your eyes on our socials for all the latest info, dates and times on our next big live streaming event!