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Can you feel that electricity in the air?

It’s difficult to encapsulate Season 8: Chapter 1’s feature set into a punchy one-liner, so we made it a three-parter. Our new features touch basically every part of the game; PVP, PVE, basic battle and rewards are all seeing new stuff with the release of Chapter 1 this fall.

Our goal has been to add more variety and complexity to play without sacrificing the pick-up-and-go nature of the SuperCard. It’s kinda what we’ve been doing for the last eight (!!!) years so we’re not all that concerned about sticking the landing.

We hope you enjoy what’s to come. In the meanwhile, we wanted to take one of those deeper dives into some of the bigger new features.

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Survivor is a new mode that will, like modes tend to do, live on the main menu. In this mode, you’ll be tasked with becoming the sole survivor in a real-time tournament giving you the experience and excitement of being at a real-life event but with less in-person interaction and more digital cards!

This is a “closed pack” mode, meaning the deck you’ll use is a randomly assigned one and the five cards dealt to your hand will be used during in-game matches. Each round, you’ll be matched up against one other player and battle it out in a WILD-type kinda format.

Here’s where it gets extra-interesting: before you battle, you’ll be asked to trade a card from your hand with your opponent. This allows you to get rid of a card you don’t want, and then potentially earn one you didn’t think you needed.

In-between rounds, you can swap out cards in your hand for a random one on your bench or from your deck.

If you lose three times, you’ll be removed from the game. Survivor continues until one person is left standing.

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What you’ve done in SuperCard and what you want to accomplish are important aspects to the SuperCard experience and your SuperCard career. Both in terms of just trying to find a great team fit and from that “I’ve Been There” perspective.

The new badge system gives you the ability to earn mementos based on reaching in-game accomplishments. These badges displayed on your profile and assigned by you, allowing you to flex your pack opening skills and the kind of player that you are.

We’ll have badges specifically for PVP, PVE, team-based play, and for Season play. For example, you want a way to show your PVP dominance? Finish a Platinum PVP League in Rank 3 or better to earn this brand new, shiny, organic PVP Badge for your profile.

Your badge progress will displayed in your profile meaning you’ll know how close you are to achieving your next goal! Also, completion of this badge counts towards a larger Season 8 badge, which requires multiple objectives across our many different modes to complete.


Support Changes

For the strategists and deck builders out there, we’re making sweeping changes to support cards that will enable more strategy and more wins.

Starting in Season 8: Chapter 1, you’ll be able to level up, pro and fortify support cards just like you can right now with Superstar cards. Doing these things will pump up your support card stats, giving you clear advantages in those make-or-break situations.

You’ll see the impact of taking the time to do this pretty quickly, especially during clutch moments in tough matchups when those procs matter.

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Champs Boost

A reward fit for a champion.

It’s a huge deal when a WWE championship changes hands, so it makes sense for SuperCard to also celebrate that. The Champs Boost is a new stat modifier that we’ll apply to a Superstars’ cards after they capture a championship.


Season 8 is more than just this -- check out our other write-up for more details