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Dear Diary, 

This month in SuperCard has been so exciting. We got to spend some time at WrestleMania 40 so that we could make some new cards, Red Rooster finally got an SE, and Cody finished his story! Not to mention the new Bayley SE, cards hitting each other with cheesesteaks in Block Bash, and variants?! We can hardly– oh. This is the blog, isn’t it? Embarrassing.

Ahem, let’s get into it. 

Is This Your Card? 

Do you ever gaze up at the inky night sky and wonder how the stars hang so effortlessly above, drifting and twinkling in perfect synchronization? Do you ever look at a cauliflower and think “Dang, why is that thing shaped so weird?” If you, too, are enamored with life’s many mysteries, then we’ve got good news. 

Starting today, unveil the secrets of symmetry and strength and venture beyond the curtain into parts unknown with the Enigma rarity. Seek the answers alongside legendary superstars such as Damian Priest, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Drew Mcintyre, Liv Morgan, Sami Zayn, Bianca Belair, Undertaker, Logan Paul, and so many more. 


That’s a lot to take in. Ready to proceed? 

Off to War(Games) 

In an effort to keep ongoing modes and events fresh and interesting, we recently made some updates to WarGames around the beginning of Season 10. Since then, you all have helped let us know what you did and didn’t like about one of WWE SuperCard’s most interesting events. Based on all you’ve told us, we’re taking another pass to change some things up. Specifically:

  • Your opponent will no longer play their cards after you. Instead, your opponent will play their cards face-down before your turn, allowing you to create a more precise plan of action for capturing each ring.

  • We’ve added an automatic move timer. Take too long or go AFK, and the game will make decisions for you.

  • Doublers and Quadruplers will once again affect your score during the bout, not after. This means that Doublers/Quadruplers will multiply the points you receive in each ring, rather than being applied to your total score at the end of the match. 

How does that sound? We hope that if you were one of those who helped out by providing feedback in the #supercard-feedback channel in Discord, you’ll hop back in there and let us know what you think of the changes. 

Bring the CamPAIGN

By now, you probably know what we’re going to say here— we’re expanding Campaign mode, adding a new map, balancing the difficulty all around, and adding some polish as we usually do. And while that’s all true, we wanted to toss in a little something extra to reward the enthusiasts in the crowd. 

First, we’re making some changes to the way rewards work at the end of Campaign. To conquer the last Campaign match in a long line of opponents is a great feat, and one of the biggest challenges that SuperCard has to offer, and frankly, we want to give you a little bit more for your trouble. Previously, a group of dedicated and talented players who were able to fell the final boss in the final map were rewarded with a Limited Edition card. Once the stock of those ran dry, you’d get a different, less shiny reward for reaching the finish line. Those Limited Edition cards will still be waiting for you at the end of the road, but this time with an unlimited stock. Instead, we’re applying a time limit on the final LE reward cards to keep things competitive. If you’re able to beat Campaign within the allotted amount of time, you’ll get the LE. 

Even if you don’t go the distance, we’re bumping up some other rewards throughout the mode, including some extra train-up cards and another surprises near the end of the final map. 

We’ve also made some tweaks to how Auto-Fill works for Campaign. Now, the Auto-Fill function will prioritize cards that specialize in that bout’s specific parameters. For instance, if you’re entering a match that prioritizes the SPD stat, Auto-Fill will find your speediest cards from your deck for that bout.

Finally, if you’re looking for cards to beat a certain alignment matchup, you can now sort by alignment arrows to find what you need more quickly. We actually found this feature so useful that we implemented it everywhere else you may need to sort your cards, too. Enjoy! 

The Rest

  • We’ve added another handful of Player Avatars to the mix to assist in your ongoing journey of self-expression. This time, you can be a unicorn! 

  • A new variant has been spotted: MITB Savant. If a card with the Money in the Bank Savant variant is in your deck when you win a game of MITB, you’ll earn progress on that card's variant meter.

On top of all of that, you’ve now got a brand new Sami Zayn SE to collect, the first SE of the Enigma rarity, live now. We’ll have one more trick up our sleeves for the end of this month that you’ll just have to wait to see. 

That’s all for now, 

–WWE SuperCard

Game includes optional in-game purchases and paid random items. Some cards require unlocking with gameplay and/or may only be acquired via certain packs (earned or paid) for a limited time. Cards vary by pack. No guarantee that any Superstar featured will be included as part of a pack.