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Springing into Action

As the Dust (ha) settles on WrestleMania 39, we’re looking to keep the fun going with some great cards and some long-awaited game improvements.

So, get hype for some quality-of-life touch-ups, a shiny Special Edition Finn Balor card, tweaks to the Battle Pass, some new packs, and well…let’s just get into it:

The Rarity Draft Board

Our rebranding of the Exclusive Draft Board to the all-new Rarity Draft Board will be completed in our next app update.  We didn't just redo a couple of images and call it good -- we've been creating an entire vibe. This process kicked off earlier this Season when we punched up the number of EDPs you could earn, adding reliability to the acquisition of an enormously beneficial consumable. And with the latest app update, when you get to the Rarity Draft Board, you'll get to experience a new look and feel that is complementary to how special we feel Rarity Draft Picks actually are.

The basics will remain the same. Earn RDPs (formerly known as EDPs) or Dust unwanted cards and then nav to the Rarity Draft Board to flip a card or two. We added a lot of new FX and animations that we hope you enjoy, greatly simplified the look and feel of the draft board, and added a new dynamic background that reflects your actual tier. In many ways, this work is representative of where we're going with Season 10. More sizzle and pop, more customization and fun.

Here's a sneak peek. Well, not really a sneak peek since we're putting it on the Internet. But you get what we mean. You take the time to read what we say, so we want to share new stuff with you.

Rarity Draft Board Asset

We'll be showing it off in motion on social media next week, so stay tuned for that. Or give it a shot yourself later this month when the Rarity Draft Board makes its debut.

Player Perks

We definitely hear the feedback on our monthly BattlePass, so we wanted to share a new feature that the BattlePass in May will leverage: Player Perks. Player Perks are a new consumable that gives you special boosts for a set amount of time. And we've got a lot of different Player Perks coming: Timer Perks, Draft board perks, PVP perks, Team perks, and more.

Some Player Perks will decrease timers when you earn and activate them, allowing you to complete stuff like Fusion Chamber cards and Gym Workouts faster, while other Perks will decrease Bout timers in PVP, MITB, or even solo events like Giants Unleashed.

In sum, we're launching with three Perks in total this May though you probably won't run across all of them. This round of perks will revolve around timer reductions; getting you back in the game faster. Specifically, we’re rolling out:

  • Bout timer Reductions for Money in the Bank

  • Bout Timer Reductions for PvP

  • Fusion Timer Reductions

The paid track of monthly BattlePass in May will allow you to utilize all of these timer reductions on top of the content usually offered like the monthly new card, Credits, SuperCoins, new Attitudes, and more.

Player Perks is a big step towards enabling you to tailor your experience and hit more of your goals based on the way you play SuperCard. These will be accessed, after earning them, in your Player Profile.

Player Perks April Blog asset

The Rest

If you’ve been following along on the Dusting saga, then none of this should be a surprise to you. We’ve recently mentioned that we’ll be reverting our changes of Dust All back to their original state, as requested, and we’re doing just that in this update.

That’s not all, though; we’re going just one step further in helping you save time and be more confident in your dusting. Specifically, we’re adding optional toggles that will allow you to pick the parameters of the cards you’d like to dust when hitting Dust All. Want to dust your Men’s Division cards only? Sure. Looking just to dust your combinable and pro cards? Easy. Want to dust EVERYTHING? Sure, if you want.

Finally, we want to brag a little bit about some of the new Spring cards we’re bringing into the fold; notably that we’re looking to add cards via a quest as well as a fusion event, including some Tag Team takedown packs.

See you next time.

– WWE SuperCard