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Meet the Daily Streak

Thanks for celebrating our 9th anniversary with us. We’ve enjoyed both reveling in the past with some nostalgic Legacy cards and celebrating the now with all the new SummerSlam releases. As the sun sets on another SuperCard summer, let’s talk about what’s coming next.

The Daily Streak

Starting this September 4th, we’re debuting the Daily Streak on wwesupercard dot com (a web site). In a nutshell, it’s a new feature that tracks your daily login progress at wwesupercard.com/daily-streak. You’ll be able to pick up a new reward every day that you check in during the streak, with a bonus reward if you check in all seven days without missing any.

Each of these streaks will contain varying rewards, but one thing will remain true: getting to the end of each streak will yield that extra bonus reward.

In September, we’re starting with three Streaks to kick things off. Each Streak will last a week and will correspond with a special WWE Icon Card released that week. By following the streak from Day 1 to Day 7, you’ll receive a special bonus card that matches that Icon’s whole vibe. Think Equipment or Support Cards. Keep in mind: the Daily Streak will not give out the Icon cards themselves.

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Доступна ежедневная серия! Отмечайтесь каждый день, чтобы получить подарок.

We can’t show our entire hand just yet, but we’ll give ya this: the first Icon card will be Booker T. Following the Streak each day will net you Spinaroonie Collectibles that you can use in the upcoming Booker T Collectible activity and you can earn some SuperCoins, a Rarity Draft Pick, and the Booker T Ducky Support Card as a bonus reward. Quack Quack.

Life in the Fastlane

Over the last month, we’ve celebrated SuperCard with a heaping handful of interactive packs. Last one Left, Hype Train, Bunches-o-Punches, and Last one Left (again). We’re not done with new interactive packs, and this next one might be your new favorite.

Fastlane presents you with three Superstars to choose from, all with different stats spreads. You then have two jobs: choose a Superstar and choose a path. Each branching path contains different tiles hiding opponents that will dictate how far down the road you make it before your Superstar runs out of stats. Some pack a bigger punch than others. The farther you get, the better the rewards.

What’s also notable about Fastlane is that it’s the first of its kind to be able to deliver partially or fully leveled Superstars. If all your spots in the Performance Center are full, Fastlane could be the answer. Fastlane debuts Sept 6.

The Rest

Iyo Sky. As the mighty new Women’s Division WWE Champion, Iyo Sky will be the next BattlePass card, and we’ve got cardbacks, attitudes, a quest, and a sweet new portrait card to honor her greatness.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on wwesupercard.com/daily-streak as the month rolls on and remember – missing a day means you don’t get the final reward.

–WWE SuperCard