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Like it's 1999 - PCC and ECW Update

Welcome BACK to another EXTREME edition of the WWE SUPERCARD BLOG. We’ve been watching ECW RERUNS on REPEAT and drinking expired cans of ENERGY DRINKS from 1997 and we can’t stop TALKING LIKE THIS. OH YEAH! Did you get your copy of the Macho Man LE? Cup of coffee in the big time YEAH? Hopefully, you’ve been able to snag some of the ECW cards in the Hardcore Icons and Extreme Champions sets– wow man, FREAK OUT!

Oof, ok. These energy drinks are wearing off quick. Let’s talk about what’s coming out in today’s update.

PCC(C) - People’s Champion Challenge (Changes)

A few months ago, we brought back one of the original WWE SuperCard event modes: PCC. We all had a great time picking between Undertaker and Triple H and climbing to the top of the leaderboards, collecting rewards along the way. Exciting as it was to revisit an old friend, we noted that there were a few things left behind from the classic PCC that we were missing, and you let us know that you felt the same. So, in the spirit of nostalgia, we’re making some changes to bring things back in line with the PCC you know and love.

  • You can now edit your deck instead of using an automatically selected one

  • All leaderboard rewards will now be associated with the winning Champion

  • You will now be able to change which Champion you’ve selected up until the start of the event

  • A new repeatable milestone reward has been added after all other milestones have been met

  • We’ve made improvements to rewards and matchmaking to bring PCC more in line with your expectations/feedback

Finally, while we’re embracing changes to PCC to ground the gameplay in the mode’s vintage style, we’re also adding some technology in the background to make it feel fairer for those competing for the top rewards. Specifically, we’re implementing measures aimed at preventing some players from achieving scores that shouldn’t be possible. We’ve been testing these measures across all ranked modes and while we expect it to be an ongoing effort, we wanted to at least share that we hear your feedback and we have been investing more to make this mode (and other ranked modes) feel as fun and competitive as they were meant to be. We’re eager to jump into the next PCC alongside you and, of course, we’ll continue with our manual monitoring of the event and its leaderboard as a backup.

Come one, Come all

Summer’s finally here, and with the warm weather comes a strange set of big top tents on the edge of town. That’s right—the SuperCard Summer Circus is coming. You’ll have to wait to see all the sights and wonders for yourself, but we can let you in on a few early peeks.

New Summer cards will become available on June 26th. You’ll be able to fuse them in the Fusion Chamber, find Summer fusion tokens on the draft board, and collect them via the new interactive pack: Atomic Drop.


Rewards shown in screenshots are not final and are subject to change.

In Atomic Drop, you’ll be given several atoms to drop onto the board. As they fall, they’ll get knocked around to different areas of the board. Plan your drop carefully, as there may be different sections and compartments that you’ll want to reach to collect all the rewards. Scattered throughout the board, you’ll notice various letters as well. Hit them all to spell out ATOMIC for extra rewards and cards. The more times you hit all the letters, the better the rewards will be when you do so. Atomic Drop releases with the Summer cards on June 26th.

The Rest

On the topic of fusions, new Enigma Fusions release today. Go hit the fusion chamber and see what you can create. Here's what they look like:


Additionally, the month of radical and extreme ECW delights continues with a new set of Dudley Boyz SEs releasing on Monday, June 17th, and a Paul Heyman support card BattlePass releases at a reduced price starting 6/19.

Oh, and you may have noticed that we’re running regular Daily Streaks on wwesupercard.com/daily-streak. Those will continue to begin each Monday and run until Friday for now, so don’t miss those for extra rewards.

We need to either take a nap or go dig up more of these energy drinks. We’ll catch ya next time.

- WWE SuperCard

Game includes optional in-game purchases and paid random items. Some cards require unlocking with gameplay and/or may only be acquired via certain packs (earned or paid) for a limited time. Cards vary by pack. No guarantee that any Superstar featured will be included as part of a pack.