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The Quick and the Beta

With a mythical tier release behind us, we're looking forward to a new month of events and relaxing out under the sun ... and we're also unleashing a fresh coat of paint on one of the oldest features of the game.

We'd also like to send a warm thank you for participating in our recent Discord community poll. Discord members voted to crown Dragon Lee as the headliner of this month's Giants Unleashed and WarGames events. A new The Goon card watched victory slip out of its grasp once again, but this is just one stop on a longer journey to headlining an event, hopefully.

Into the WILD

WILD mode is the oldest SuperCard mode depending on who you ask over here. Its purpose at launch nine years ago was to be THE primary vehicle for building your collections. Its purpose has subtly shifted as the sands of time have changed, but its expression of our game's mechanics has stayed true -- play, win, and earn cards. As an older (oldest?) feature with such a continued importance to SuperCard's Whole Thing, we've decided to unleash a new variant of WILD in the ... wild. Starting with this coming app update, a new Beta version of WILD is available on the main menu.

WILD Beta Blog preview

Beta WILD mode offers the same base systems as WILD. What's new is how it looks, feels, and plays. You'll see that your card portraits are bigger and stats are now displayed below the cards. We've also split up Men's and Women's Division cards contextually based on match-up type, allowing the HUD to feel less busy overall. You can also now drag your card into the play field if that's your preferred way to play. Beta WILD also offers shortened animations, more effects, and other cool touches that you'll notice once you jump in.

The Beta tag is real – we want to hear what you think about the changes. Once you’ve checked it out, head over to the #supercard-feedback channel on the official Discord. You'll find a thread that we’ve made just for you. You can also follow this link to take you to the right place. No bit of feedback is too small, so please shout us out.

And, sure, maybe this is something of a preview for a Season 10 feature. We’re moving in a bolder direction while keeping the core mechanics on a pedestal, making sure what’s great becomes even better.

Road to Glory Tweaks

As the song goes, there’s only one road that leads to glory. And while that may be true, there’s no reason why we can’t improve that road; maybe add some lanes, or plant some trees along the side. Basically, we’re making RTG (and Team RTG) a bit more simple and rewarding.

For starters, we’re increasing the value of all of the rewards across the mode. While the previous lowest reward was a card nine tiers below your top tier, that prize is now seven tiers below, increasing as you progress. In addition to that, we’ve reduced the number of points needed to complete the event itself, which hopefully means a smoother journey.

We also added The Point Quadrupler because it’s more than two. It’s a nifty little boost designed to, well, quadruple your points. They function exactly like Title Matches (now known as Point Doublers), except they provide a 4x point boost instead of 2x. Our goal here is to keep the feel and gameplay of RTG completely consistent while making it more accessible and rewarding if you want to save some time.

The Rest

With the 4th of July right around the corner, we’re excited to fire up the barbeque and revel in the sunshine and festivities. We’ve decided to share the merriment by releasing a special set of fresh and sunny Summer cards.

Starting July 5th, You’ll be able to collect these in a few different ways; they’ll be available via packs in the store and Bunches-O-Punches, as well as through a summer fusion event. Finally, They’ll also be pullable from the draft board.

Keep an eye out for those as well as a special in-store Gift around the start of next month.

You’ve also got a few more chances to collect that new Kane SE via the Tomb Smasher pack in the store, and the collectible store will remain open until July 5th in case you’ve got some extra Kane collectibles stashed for a rainy day. Check that out if ya haven’t already.

That’s all for now. Catch ya next time.

–WWE SuperCard