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Uniting different aspects of SuperCard to make the game feel more rewarding and more consistent is a huge thing we’ve been taking on in Season 9. One of the ways we've addressed this has been by expanding where it's possible to earn Rarity Draft Picks. You can now earn Rarity Draft Picks in different modes and events across the game as opposed to just isolated areas. We're hopeful, and we're seeing, that this is leading to more impactful play sessions and goal setting. One of the other ways we will be uniting the app is through a Battle Pass. SuperCard's Battle Pass will be a monthly pass where you can earn cool cards, Rarity Draft Picks, cosmetic items like cardbacks, and in-game boosts by accruing Battle Points across any event or mode in the game. Basically, if you're playing anything in SuperCard, you'll very likely be accruing Battle Points that you can then turn in for rewards. Unifying is cool.


Stop us if you’ve heard this one: SuperCard’s Battle Pass is a tiered pass where you can move up Rewards Levels to unlock rewards. The way you’ll climb the pass will be via Battle Points. BP is a new points system that accrues at the end of every match whether you win, lose, or draw. Every Reward Level requires a set number of BP in order for you to unlock the Reward contained within. And, yup, there will be a free and a premium track to each Pass.

Rewards in the Pass will range from common items to some unique ones that you can't get anywhere else but that Pass. A few examples:

  • Rarity Draft Picks

  • Image cards

  • Cardbacks

  • Announcer cards

  • Credits

  • Misc. packs

  • SuperCoins and Collectibles tokens

  • Player Boosts like the Fusion Timer Perk and Bout Timer Perks.

Where we'll be departing from the mold is in two areas. For one, you'll be able to gift a Premium version of the Pass to your friends just like you can do with Super Pass. Secondly, rewards will roll out on milestone days clearly marked on the Pass.

In general, the Premium track will offer a Reward Level each single day while the free track will offer Reward Levels every third day.

You'll need to earn BP in order to obtain Reward Levels. In general, every win in the game will reward you with three BP. You'll earn two points for a draw and one point for a loss. Each game type will have a slightly different definition of the word "Battle" in Battle Points just to make sure that your time in a mode or event matches the amount of BP you receive. A "Battle" is mainly A Round but it could also be a Match or a Ring Fight depending on the mode.

Here's a quick few examples of how that'll work:

  • Elimination Chamber - You'll earn BP every Match

  • Giants Unleashed - A flat four Battle Points per Round

  • War Games - BP every Ring Fight

  • Code Breaker - BP every Fight

  • Tag Team Takedown - BP after every Match

The Pass itself and accompanying Help text will have all the conditions noted, in addition to other helpful tips.

We'll have a lot more on SuperCard's first Battle Pass, including a preview of rewards and a handy FAQ in the near future. If you made it this far, thank you, and here’s a cool scoop: the SuperCard Battle Pass launches this March 1, 2023.


We’re excited about the launch of the Battle Pass this March and, obviously, have a few more things up our sleeves on our Road to WrestleMania. For example, a fresh and RTTM-themed In Your House begins on March 17 at 12PM Pacific time.

You gave us a ton of feedback on In Your House that we’ll be incorporating in later versions. What you’ll see in this particular is a shorter runtime (15 days) and easier access to the Collectible (not Snowballs) to make it easier to grind it out. We’re all working on bigger changes for the future to accommodate more of your thoughts.

Of course, we’ll also be offering some cool WrestleMania-themed offerings since, you know, it’ll WrestleMania season. Stay tuned as we figuratively point at the WM sign and unleash some cool content.

If you have any questions about Battle Pass, please refer to our comprehensiveFAQ. It covers everything from redemption to common issues.

Until next time.

-- WWE SuperCard