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Cards. They’re SuperCard’s whole thing. In our efforts to expand personalization and mix up the action in Season 9, we’re introducing three new card types. These are Announcer Cards, Special Equipment, and Alignment Equipment.

Equipment, by design, has been a way to potentially expand the strategic diversity of decks by allowing for extra stat boosts on top of Styles and Techniques. While we feel pretty good about where Equipment is today we wanted to expand upon it to unlock more possibilities. This is why Season 9 includes two new Equipment types.

Let’s dig in.

Special Equipment is a specific type of Equipment that grants a fourth stat bonus when equipped on a specific Superstar or Superstars. You can think of these like a juiced up version of regular Equipment. Normal Equipment stops at three and can be used across any Superstar card for the maximum potential. Special Equipment stops at four stat bonuses with the fourth stat unlocking when you equip it to the specific card (or cards) stated on the Equipment. IF you equip a Special Equipment on a Superstar that it isn’t intended for, you’ll get three of the stat bonuses but will not be applied to the Superstar card.

Think about it this way: what if Rey Mask-terio gave a special bonus only when it was equipped on Rey Mysterio? That’s Special Equipment. Season 9 will offer a variety of Special Equipments throughout the Season, allowing you deeper personalization and hopefully more wins.

Season 9 will also see the release of Alignment Equipment, which we hope also broadens personalization. We’ve been calling this Force Alignment Equipment in our internal documentation because it does just that – the Equipment will force the Superstar’s arrow to match the Equipment arrow.

So, if you have a Down arrow card that you always wanted to be a Top arrow, you can pick up an Alignment Equipment and set it to a Top arrow.

Alignment Equipment opens up a lot of additional pathways for deck building that previously haven’t been available. We’re also hoping it brings about some cool new ways to strategize in Alignment Deck events and modes like Ring Domination, TLC, and more.  It’s definitely notable that these Equipment will be rare due to their power. At launch, we’re launching with one Alignment Equipment (a Down arrow).

Announcer Cards are a completely new thing to SuperCard. In a nutshell, these are “cosmetic” cards featuring your favorite broadcasters from WWE programming that are available in PVP. At launch, we’ll offer one Announcer card with more to come throughout Season 9.

While these cards have no direct gameplay benefit, they do call match-ups. Announcer cards come with unique frames and backplates and have the added bonus of being able to observe them outside of the ring when they’re equipped.

Cardbacks are a great proxy when discussing how Announcer Cards work. Similar to a cardback, these are purely collectible cards that you can show off to others as well as see yourself. Where they depart is in on-screen visualizations – announcers from Announcer Cards you’ve collected will add a little bit more of a WWE feel to SuperCard’s shenanigans.

Everyone will receive their first Announcer Card at Season 9 start. You’ll be able to collect more through the Season as we roll out more.

That’s it for today.

– WWE SuperCard