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Are we there yet?

Yes. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride thus far– we’ve been graced with the chance to honor Bray Wyatt’s legacy, Jade Cargill made a stunning appearance, and we’ve seen several sets of cards celebrating the legendary stars and moments in WrestleMania’s past– we even had the chance to salute The Greatest, Muhammad Ali with his inclusion in SuperCard this week. Now, with the Greatest Spectacle in Sports Entertainment right around the corner, let’s not waste any time. Here’s what to expect in the lead-up to the 40th annual Show of Shows, WrestleMania.

Showcasing the Immortals

The best of the best have punched their tickets to WrestleMania, and they’re all here. Introducing the WrestleMania 40 Rarity, including Seth 'Freakin' Rollins, 'The American Nightmare' Cody Rhodes, The Rock, Roman Reigns, Logan Paul, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, Becky Lynch, Rhea Ripley, and more.

Wm40 cards

The stage is set and the stars are here. Now let’s take a trip over to the City of Brotherly Love to see what we’ve got in store for the WrestleMania celebrations.

Philly Style

This WrestleMania, we’re bringing the party from the streets of Philadelphia to the bits and bytes on your phone with three new features specific to the occasion. Starting April 1st, you’ll have access to Scavenger Hunt: a treasure map of the city full of rewards, Invites Only: a new interactive pack, and Block Bash: a 3v3 street brawl.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is your home base for the WrestleMania celebrations. As you play through various modes in SuperCard, you’ll come across Spray Paint Tokens– a little something to leave your mark on the city. You’ll need these to traverse different areas of the map; each token grants you the ability to move one space. Your goal is to make it to one of the landmark destinations in the city. Once there, you’ll have a chance to uncover a puzzle piece, provided it doesn’t get stolen from you by a certain lil’ chicken tendies enjoyer (Don’t worry– you’ll still collect a reward if that happens). There are 16 puzzle pieces to find in all, and completing the puzzle will reward you with a powerful new Limited Edition Bianca Belair card. You’ll also get rewards along the way to the tune of buffs for Block Bash, SuperCoins, Rarity Draft Picks, and other goodies. The hunt is on.

Invites Only

Step right up and give the wheel a spin in INVITES ONLY! In this interactive pack, your goal is to progress through 6 different boards to make your way towards a shiny WrestleMania 40 card at the end. You’ll do this by earning rewards on each subsequent board. On each board, you’ll have to spin a minimum of three times. Land on three rewards, and you’re onto the next one with some new trinkets in tow. Land on the party pooper, however…and you’ll be given a strike. We’ll let you guess how many of those until you’re out.

Block Bash

Block Bash is a 3v3 team-based brawl that takes place in the neon-lit back streets of Philly. Your admission to the party is one Cheesesteak token, which can be found on the draft board, in Invites Only, and in various other game modes.

Once you’ve entered matchmaking and found your team, you’ll be faced up against three similarly tough opponents. 3 on 3, time to battle. The team to attack first will be chosen at random, and the other team will be given a small health boost to compensate for the advantage. Once it’s your turn, you and your teammates will individually select an opponent to attack– each card has an attack and health stat based on its regular stats that will determine how successful the attack is. Each team will take turns selecting and attacking their opponents. When a card is knocked out, your team will receive a boost as a reward. Empty each of your opponent’s pool of three cards to win and pick up the superior rewards.

Block Bash is a ranked event– the more you win, the higher you place on the board. The higher you place on the board, the better rewards you take home at the end of the event. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some great milestone rewards along the way, too.

There’s a ton to be seen in this year’s WrestleMania celebration event, so don’t miss out.

Constants and Variants

Adding a powerful new card to your deck is a core part of the SuperCard experience, but longtime players will know that collecting a card is only the beginning of its journey. To reach their full potential, cards need some TLC; they’ll need training to increase their level, as well as several matches under their belt to max out their stats; not to mention the pro’ing process. Picking which of your cards to prioritize and power up can be a difficult task, so we’ve always aimed to give you multiple options to improve your cards and customize your deck. Now, with the addition of Card Variants, we’re looking to push that journey even further and give you more room to increase the stats on your best cards.

KO Variants

From this update onwards, all new cards will feature Variants in place of fighting styles and techniques, but older cards will not have their styles and techniques removed. Each WM40+ card you obtain will have one of a set of different Variants– each variant has a meter that will fill when that card performs certain actions. In this update, all the WM40 cards will have the Ability Savant variant that fills your card’s variant meter when their ability triggers. Your stats will grow slowly as you fill the meter and will max out once the meter is full. Keep in mind: Variants do not count towards the card stats factored into the boost when a card pro’d, meaning you can complete a card’s variant meter before OR after pro’ing with no penalty to its final stats. We’re hoping that this will take some guesswork out of intense matches, as well as give your best cards higher heights to reach.

The Rest

We’ve already covered a ton in this update, so let’s keep this quick:

  • Card Limit raised from 450 - 500

  • 4 New Player Avatars added

  • New Campaign Map added + Campaign balance

  • A new Bayley SE now available

  • A Shiny new SE available on 4/1

  • A new Triple H BattlePass now available

Nothing left to say now besides to enjoy the ride. Happy WrestleMania 40!

Until next time,

- WWE SuperCard