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In line with our overall vision for Season 9, we’re bringing you updates to Badges and Champs Boost that will expand their functionality and, in the specific case of Champs Boost, provide an answer to one of your biggest questions: why don’t you have anything to represent undisputed champions?

First, let’s chat about the changes to the Badge system. Badges were introduced as a way to showcase your skill and to commemorate important things that you’ve accomplished in SuperCard. The original design for Badges called for them to not carry over Season to Season just due to the nature of Season transitions. Our thinking on this has changed. We feel like Badges should ‘soft reset,’ but not wipe out progress that you’ve earned. Badges should feel more like a time capsule – a cumulative record of your progress over time.

What this means is that Season 9 will offer new variations of Badges that build on top of the Badges you may have already earned in Season 8. So, for example, if you earned the KOTR Badge in Season 8, you’ll be able to earn a new Season 9 version of the Badge. This Badge will come with a new visual indicator and you’ll be able to look back at your Season 8 heroics and know that they’re recorded.

If you haven’t earned a Badge previously, don’t worry. The new Season 9 variations of the Badge will be available to you and can be carried over to other new Seasons. Unless you have a time machine you can’t, of course, earn previous Season badges during new Seasons.

One other important housekeeping note here is that we’re changing the name of the Season 8 Badge to just the “Season Badge” as it’d probably be weird to earn a second Season 8 Badge during Season 9.

Champs Boosts are getting a less subtle tweak. For one, we’re adding a ton of the most recognizable championships to the Champs Boost pool. Starting at Season 9 launch, Champs Boost will include the following new straps:

  • The RAW Men’s Tag Team Championship

  • The SmackDown Men’s Tag Team Championship

  • The Women’s Tag Team Championship

And, yes, we’ll be acknowledging the Roman Reigns and the Usos of the world – we’re adding a new tag for Undisputed Champions for Superstars carrying multiple belts.

In December, we’ll be rotating in the new Tag Championships for the following new belts:

  • The Intercontinental Championship

  • The US Championship

  • The NXT North American Championship

An interesting wrinkle here. We’re adding our own Championship – the WWE SuperCard Championship. This will provide a similar Champs boost to a Superstar who has earned it. We’re gonna have some fun with this one in January.

Until next time. Look out for more news and information on Season 9 to come.

– WWE SuperCard