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Back on the Road

To Wrestlemania! Of course, we’re not there yet, so get comfortable. Don’t worry though, we’ve got some fun family activities planned for our road trip. Here’s a look at what’s coming.

There’s No “I” In “Team Activity Badges”

Ok, there are a few I’s, but what’s really important here is that we’re introducing a new way for you to measure and celebrate your successes with your team. Introducing Team Activity Badges! In short, Team Activity Badges are indicators that show up on a team’s info page that display and rank that team’s activity both across each team game mode as well as in a general sense. When looking at a team’s info page, you’ll now be able to see, at a glance, how competitive and active they are across the game. For instance, if we’re looking at Team Manticore as pictured below, we can see that they’ve got a gold ranking in Team Battleground, a silver ranking in Team Stomping Grounds, and a bronze ranking in Team Ring Domination. This indicates that Team Manticore is not only very active in TBG, but also high-scoring enough to receive a gold rank, but maybe they don’t spend much time prioritizing TRD. In summary, we’re shopping for a team that spends more time coordinating and playing in our favorite game mode, we can see at a glance which team will be the best fit.


In addition to this, each team will have an overall activity rating. Based on the previously mentioned badges, each team will be rated as Amateur, Rookie, Pro, or Champion. This is a nice way to briefly see not only the skill level of respective teams but also the level of activity and playtime as well. If you’re a highly competitive and active player, it might suit you better to seek out a Pro or Champion team, for instance. Keep in mind, badges will not apply retroactively; they will start collecting activity from this update forward. We’re interested in improving the team experience this season, and this is our first step in that direction.

You Can Be Pancakes

What else needs to be said? No but really, we’re loving the added expressiveness that comes from the new player avatars. It stings just a little bit less to be beaten by someone who’s a hotdog, or even a regular dog. That’s why we’re adding more! Check it out.


On the Road Again

We’ll come right out and say it– March is going to be stacked. We can’t reveal everything now, but we’ll be revealing a special Superstar early in the month, some commemorative cards celebrating some of the best moments in Wrestlemania history, and we’re working with our friends over at WWE2K24 for some new content as well. So, enjoy the ride.

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