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Twitch Drops:

The British Bulldog v Bret “The Hitman” Hart

A SummerSlam for the Ages

Twitch Drops are back. Join us on Twitch starting August 24 at 12PM PT thru August 31. Depending on how long you watch, any WWE SuperCard stream on Twitch will be dropping Bronze – Gold card packs to viewers that have their Twitch account linked to their SuperCard account. Players should claim their Twitch Drop(s) after each reward milestone on Twitch. Then, players will receive their Twitch Drop rewards in card packs in-game.

The packs will contain various cards commemorating a literal SummerSlam for the ages: SummerSlam 1992. Rewards also feature fusion ingredients that’ll help you build British Bulldog and Bret Hart cards during an in-game fusion event happening during the same time as the Drops start and end. Synergy!

Here are the rewards. You may or may not know the drill at this point:

Watch 15 Minutes: Earn a Mr. Perfect Curt Henning WM37 card + 100 SuperCoins + 1 SummerSlam ‘92 logo Fusion Ingredient

Watch 1 Hour: Earn Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat FOR card + 1 SummerSlam ‘92 logo Fusion Ingredient

Watch 3 Hours: Earn a Natalya SS21 card + 1 SummerSlam ‘92 logo Fusion Ingredient

Watch 6 Hours: Earn Shawn Michaels AND Sensational Sherri MIR card + 250 SuperCoins + 1 SummerSlam ‘92 logo Fusion Ingredient

Watch 9 Hours: Earn a Bret "The Hitman" Hart MST card + 2 SummerSlam ‘92 logo Fusion Ingredients

Watch 13 Hours: Earn a British Bulldog VAL card + 400 SuperCoins + 2 SummerSlam ‘92 logo Fusion Ingredients

Watch 17 Hours: Earn an Undertaker RR22 card + SummerSlam ’92 Cardback + 2 SummerSlam ‘92 logo Fusion Ingredients

The Fusion event, by the way, features the SummerSlam ‘92 logo as the Fusion Ingredient, which you can earn throughout the game, from the draft board and from Twitch packs. The ultimate reward? SummerSlam BCE Special Edition cards featuring Bret Hart and the British Bulldog that you can earn via the Fusion Chamber.

If you haven’t watched Bulldog vs. Hart at Wembley you should 100% check it out. Here’s a link to the full match on WWE’s YouTube. Words just don’t do it justice!

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