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A new Season is on the horizon.

SuperCard Season 9 launches this November across Internet-enabled telephones and many of your other favorite devices. We’ve got some really great new features coming that will introduce new ways to play and we’ve got some new card types that we think will mix up the action in fun ways, too.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s coming at launch:

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs - A new asynchronous mode where you and a foe take turns guessing where each other have hidden their Tables, Ladders, and Chairs on a grid.

Announcer Cards - A new item for your collection. Announcer Cards can be equipped and will occasionally praise you as you play. In-ring, you’ll see your announcer sitting behind the desk.

Champs Boosts+ - We’re adding support to acknowledge undisputed champions. We’re also adding additional support for many other belts.

Special Equipment - These are talent-specific Equipments that give big boosts to select stats. Think of it as a new way to personalize your cards further.

Chat Duels - Now that we think about it, it’s kinda weird that you’ve never been able to enter into a friendly match of SuperCard against a friend (or foe). But you will be able to in S9 with Chat Duels. This is a feature for Watch Party specifically, enabling you to challenge people to best of three style matches.

Three new tiers with a twist. You’re going to love these cards and the way stats slide in and out from a panel on the side.

While last Season’s focus was on creating additional opportunities to experience SuperCard together, Season 9’s focus is going back to where it all started many Seasons ago: SuperCard as a hobby.

It’s been a long-term vision of ours to create a game that you can play whenever you want and however you want. Having diverse modes, an incredible amount of collectible content, and robust reward systems that support all types of schedules are all vital to keeping this vision going. This is why Season 9 is adding value to the card collection aspect and this is also why we’re going to launch with a totally new asynchronous mode, allowing you to compete for rewards even when your foe isn’t online. In December, we’ll also be debuting a more solo-ish endeavor called In Your House that’ll allow you to compete day-by-day as the holiday season progresses.

It’s also important for us to talk about how we’ll be looking backwards in Season 9, as that’s growing more crucial over time. Turns out that when you make new stuff, your older stuff automagically feels older. Who knew!

You’ve spent a lot of time with us in Season 8 giving us feedback on what you want to see from the game, especially from our “older” modes. Throughout Season 9, we will be making changes to content based on that feedback, re-tuning big pieces of the game to bring it more in line with modern SuperCard.

Here’s what we’re knocking out first (though not at launch):

  • A true Battle Pass. We’ve tried to tweak Super Pass in a way to get the best of both worlds but it’s clear that you want a Battle Pass.

  • Redefining PVP and Teams via work on their modes. We believe that Teams should offer more passive benefits and we’re exploring that. We’re exploring changes to WAR, too.

  • Card stat bands. Some of our new friends are finding it hard to see what stats are better, especially in modes like Survivor. We’re going to widen stat bands and make it clearer.

  • Reimagining Collecting Sets. We want to make Collections more intentional as opposed to just random chance collection.

  • Tweaking, tuning, or possibly even re-thinking Fusions and Fusion promos. A lot has changed since ye’ olde Fusion Chamber was first introduced and we hear your feedback.

  • More UI / UX investment on the HUD. It’s been a minute since we’ve made updates to the way our in-game UI looks and works. We’re trying something in 2023 and will want to know what you think. Your feedback on this after it debuts will inform plans across Season 9.

And that’s just a list of what we’ve prioritized for the early Season. We’re going to be looking at every mode and event and even taking a look at cards. We will also make shorter term fixes while we work on the big ones. For example, we’re going to take a pass on PVP MomentumPoint and payouts at Season launch to provide some relief for an obviously troublesome area of the game.

Some of this will also come via subtraction, which is going to sound funny at first but stick with us on this one. It was clear to us from reading feedback, for example, that Pack Battle and Chart Topper don’t occupy unique spaces in the game. So, they’ve been officially removed. Their consideration for the SuperCard HOF, however, is unknown.

There’s obviously a lot more going on for the future. SuperCard Season 10 is going to be a fantastic moment for the game and we hope you enjoy the build up for it during Season 9.

Prepare for another great Season and more information to come on features like TLC, Announcer cards, and much more.

Thanks for reading.

– WWE SuperCard