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Hello, Detroit!

Welcome Back.

We hope you’ve been having as much fun in the sun as we’ve had this season. While this Summer has brought mighty new cards, updates to some staple game modes, and a whole bunch of flashy special edition designs, it’s time for the next big update. So, as this SuperCard car (SuperCar?) careens around the bend into Detroit for SummerSlam 2023, we’re shifting into high gear.

Come on and (Summer) Slam (‘23)

The SummerSlam ‘23 tier is here, and with it comes your typical bounty of new cards featuring the best of the best from the WWE world. Who we talkin’, exactly? How about the mighty Roman Reigns and his now-mutinous tribal members Jey and Jimmy Uso? Judgment Day sweethearts Rhea Ripley and Dirty Dom Mysterio? Certified classics John Cena and The Rock? Renowned “Namer of Dummies” LA Knight? Yeah.

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Petal to the (Freakin’) Metal

Speaking of hot new cards, let’s talk about the current World Heavyweight Champion Seth Freakin’ Rollins. To honor the champ, we’re rolling out a unique collectible challenge that’ll give you a great chance to collect your first powerful SummerSlam ‘23 SE card. Throughout the month, you’ll collect Seth, Freakin, and Rollins collectibles in your journey to add Seth to your deck. Seth himself becomes available on the 18th (SFR collectibles also become pullable on draft boards on this day), but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a headstart on those collectibles, and you’ll have plenty of ways to collect ‘em. Big fan of TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs)? You can get Seth Freakin' Rollins collectibles through TLC starting today through 8/8. If that’s not your cup of freakin’ tea, how about Survivor from 8/8 until 8/15? Tag Team Takedown from 8/15 to 8/22? All of them will give you Seth, Freakin, or Rollins collectibles. Collect enough of those and cash them in for 1 Gold Seth, 1 Gold Freakin, and 1 Gold Rollins collectible for the card. Specifically, you’ll need 75 of each collectible to cash in for the gold version, and one of each gold version for the card. You’ll have to play the long game to get Rollins, so be sure to pace yourself and strategize throughout the month.

We’re also going to be adding a hearty handful of new interactive packs to WWE SuperCard, all designed to keep things quick, interesting, and rewarding. These will award Seth Freakin' Rollins Collectibles as well, so you might want to weave them into your Seth Strategy. Let’s go through each of them quickly:

In HypeTrain, your goal is to accrue as many points in all three tracks in front of you by playing cards. Careful though; go over the point threshold and you’ll bust them. The more points you build up in each track, the better the rewards. It’s a risk/reward balance and a big game of chicken. All aboard the HYPETRAIN!

Last One Left is a king-of-the-hill style throwdown with one (1) choice for you to make: Who will be your Champion?

Last One Left begins with 30 Superstars squared up in a giant ring. Once you’ve chosen your star, you can let them do the rest of the work. Through 5 rounds of action, your chosen Superstar will go head-to-head with other Superstars as they battle to get to the next round. The more rounds your Superstar wins, the better your reward. Simple as that.

Finally, Table Flip is the last new interactive pack you’ll get your hands on this month. In this blend of luck and mental acuity, you’ll be strategically flipping tables (cards) on a grid to try and match them to one another. Flip two of the same cards, and they’ll be removed from the board. Whether you’re successful in removing cards from the board or not, each flip increases your tap counter by one. The fewer flips you complete the board in, the better your reward.

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You’ll have opportunities to pick up extra Seth Freakin' Rollins collectibles too with community bonuses, packs, and a special quest kicking off on 8/16, so keep an eye on your collectible counts and check in often to reap the rewards.

Giants Unleashed, Updates Released

Giants Unleashed is a favorite in-game event here at WWE SuperCard HQ, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. As with the recent WILD Beta, we’re looking to sand off some edges and make some improvements to make GU even more Giant.

Our first initiative in looking at Giants Unleashed was to replace all of the gear items to make getting a perfect game more achievable and fun. We did that by introducing the following gear items into GU:

  • Lucky Start: Your first hand will be guaranteed to have at least 3 cards with a matching alignment to the Giant.

  • Foresight: Look ahead to see what the Giant's alignment will be in the final round, helping you plan out your attacks.

  • Giant Finisher: Increases your damage when the Giant has low health.

These new gear options can be instrumental in taking down the Giant if you play them right, so consider which ones to use next time you square up.

We’re also buffing up your ability to choose the right alignments by introducing multi-alignment rounds– during round 2 OR 3, the Giant card will have two alignments of the same color, rather than just one. If your cards match either alignment, you’ll be awarded the typical amount of bonus damage.

We’ll be opening a fresh Discord feedback thread with this one as well, so give it a few plays and let us know what you think HERE. It debuts as this week’s event, so be ready.

The Rest

Cactus Jack (bang, bang), if you didn’t know, has received a new card as part of this month’s BattlePass. And speaking of that, we want to thank you for your feedback about the changes we’ve recently made to BattlePass. Expect more to come in Season 10.

Finally, keep an eye out for a few gifts in the store as we drive on– we’ve got reason to celebrate, after all. This month marks both WWE SuperCard’s 9th Birthday (we’re a Leo, are you surprised?) as well as the 35th anniversary of SummerSlam, and we plan to party in style.

If we could cram anything else into this station wagon of a month we call August, we would, but the car’s full. Let’s hit the road.

Until next time,

-- WWE SuperCard