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Twitch Drops: The “Dusty Rhodes” to WrestleMania 39

The Road to WrestleMania (In Your House)

We're attempting to make the Road to WrestleMania as literal as possible this season.

Starting on Mar 17, a new run of In Your House begins and welcomes you to travel along a path that looks suspiciously like a big WrestleMania-infused road. In addition to a new coat of Hollywood paint, this IYH features notable changes based on your feedback. We've decreased the amount of collectibles (Gold Reels) you'll need to face off against the bosses. We've also tweaked these bosses to make them more manageable than the outsized foes of Christmas past.

Three total bosses will be available, appearing every 5th day for a total of 15 days. As you take on these gigantic Superstars, you'll see some new sights in the form of Attitudes, too. In Your House runs until Apr 4 at 12PM Pacific time.

Our Road to WrestleMania celebration also features cards called Road to WrestleMania. This is a collection (not an entire tier) featuring Edge, Austin Theory, and Nicki Cross. You can obtain them a few different ways: the Fame & Glory quest, store packs, and by playing In Your House.

Naturally, our Road to WrestleMania is building up to ... WrestleMania. WrestleMania 39 tier launches on Mar 29 after a maintenance break. Collect 70+ cards featuring Superstars from the past and present.

Rhodes to Twitch Drops

Before WrestleMania gets to Hollywood, we’re dropping a throwback Dusty Rhodes WM39 card AND a Dusty Rhodes RR23 Boots Equipment. The latter will be available as the final reward for a new run of Twitch Drops, which runs Mar 29 through April 4.

Outside of the new Boots Equipment, the rewards for Twitch Drops should give you a boost if you're new to the game or give you the opportunity to really flesh out your Watch Party predictions.

Our intent with the rewards is to try and be as inclusive as possible – we hope everyone (new, returning, or veteran players) has something fun and exciting to do during this unique time in SuperCard. Here are the Twitch Drop rewards:

  • Watch 2 Hours: Earn a Brock Lesner WM38 & an Omos WM38 card + 100 credits

  • Watch 4 Additional Hours: Earn a John Cena BCE card + an Austin Theory BCE card + 1 Exclusive Draft Pick

  • Watch 4 Additional Hours: Earn a Bianca Belair ARC card  + an Asuka ARC card + 1 Exclusive Draft Pick

  • Watch 2 Additional Hours: Earn a Seth “Freakin” Rollins ARC card  +  a Logan Paul ARC card +1000 SuperCoins

  • Watch 4 Additional Hours: Earn a Becky Lynch PXL card + a Bayley PXL card + 1 Exclusive Draft Pick

  • Watch 4 Additional Hours: Earn a Roman Reigns OCT card + a Cody Rhodes OCT card + 1 Exclusive Draft Pick

  • Watch 4 Additional Hours: Earn an exclusive Dusty Rhodes cardback + Dusty Rhodes’ Royal Rumble ‘23 Boots + 1 Exclusive Draft Pick

WrestleMania 39 tier goes live with Twitch Drops on Mar 29th at 12 PM Pacific. Twitch Drops end April 4th at 12 pm Pacific. Watch Party goes live 3/30, and Watch Party predictions lock 4/1 at 4pm Pacific.

Experiencing issues? Want to read more? Visit our FAQ. Want to link your SuperCard account to your Twitch account so you can participate? You can do so via this link.

Look Forward to April: Dusting, Battle Pass and Discord

We recently made a change to Dust All that missed the mark for many, so we’ll be reverting this functionality back in the next app update. After this, Dust All will capture the same cards and contents that it has always captured.

This isn’t the end of the story on this one. In a future update, we’re planning to add optional toggles to allow you to more specifically pick the parameters of the cards you do and don’t want to Dust when hitting Dust All. We wanted to call this feature Dust Whatever You Want but apparently we hit text limits.

We’re also making some changes to Battle Pass. April’s Battle Pass, which rolls out on Apr 1, features major visual tweaks and it offers new rewards. The top reward on the paid path is a unique Trish Stratus WM39 card with an Ability Boost that applies to your entire deck. Keep an eye out for Trish’s ability boosting card in the SuperStore and Quests later in April for that chance to pro. Battle Pass will also offer new Attitudes and SuperCoins, Credits, and Exclusive Draft Picks.

Lastly, we’ve partnered with our friends over at WWE 2K on Discord. Join the WWE 2K23 Discord and get access to SuperCard channels like #supercard-chat and talk with other SuperCard fans. This is a great place to meet and mingle and we’re all looking forward to seeing you there.

Catch you on Twitch and Discord!

– WWE SuperCard